Ing. Herbert Wieser, owner



Fire has enthralled people since time immemorial. For me personally, the positive emotions associated with fire have been a part of who I am since childhood. It is this inspiration which has driven us to develop from a traditional installation business to specialists in the field of designer fireside solutions. 

Through our brand name feuerkultur®, we conceive and realize extraordinary encasements for fires. The type of environment you create for your fire says much about your personal lifestyle. The pleasant, harmonious lighting effect and appealing visual impact of the fire overall are able to soothe body, mind and soul – awakening positive feelings and enhancing life energies. Your home environment becomes a source of inspiration!

This is what we stand for here at feuerkultur®.
Ing. Herbert Wieser, owner

Ing. Herbert Wieser


2019  Company acquisition and continuation of painting business
2018  Business headquarters of Feuerkultur relocates in St. Johann im Pongau
2017  Founding of plumbing and sanitation business "Komplettbad"
2017  Opening of Feuerkultur SHOP-IN, Bad Ischl
2016  Remodeling & expansion of the Feuerkultur showroom in Vienna 
2014  Remodeling of the Wohnkeramik showroom in Gröbming
2013  Opening of the Feuerkultur showroom in Vienna
2012  Innovation prize for the "loden oven"
2012  Feuerkultur GmbH is founded
2010  Location in St. Johann/Pg. is remodeled
2009  Opening of "Fliesen Outlet Gröbming"
2008  Opening of a remodeled commercial location in Gröbming 
2006  Establishment of a new business location in St. Johann/Pg. 
2005  Business is transferred to Ing. Herbert Wieser, reestablished as "Wieser Wohnkeramik GmbH" 
1994  Business is reestablished as "Fliesen Wieser GmbH" 
1985  Expansion including a tile showroom, warehouse and apartments 
1974  A new building is constructed for home and business 
1971  Business is founded by Herbert and Sieglinde Wieser 

Company headquarters, Gröbming  in Styria 
Company headquarters, Gröbming
in Styria
Feuerkultur showroom in Vienna 
Feuerkultur showroom in Vienna
Feuerkultur showroom, St. Johann/Pongau 
Feuerkultur showroom,
St. Johann/Pongau
Feuerkultur SHOP-IN, Galleria Bad Ischl
Feuerkultur SHOP-IN, Galleria Bad Ischl
Wieser Wohnkeramik
Wieser Komplettbad
Fliesen Outlet

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