Flair fire columns - fire without smoke


The new fire column from Feuerkultur

Interior design featuring exquisite materials!

Decorative fires lend themselves to countless living spaces and create a very special ambience. The mystical play of flame conjures up a pleasant atmosphere and a sense of complete enjoyment.

Fire without smoke – our new fire column is flexible and unique in design. Thanks to a special fuel that burns without creating smoke, you can enjoy a "fire without smoke" in practically every room.

A true design object with an incomparable combination of fire, glass, stainless steel and textile elements. Similar to atmospheric candlelight, it transforms your living space into a constantly changing interplay of light and shadow. 


New fire columns from Feuerkultur

The Flair fire column is suitable for in- as well as outdoor areas thanks to a certified, low-fuel safety burner. The stainless-steel housing, in combination with an included water canister which the owner fills for him-/herself, is enormously stable. Located inside the column is the safety burner, which runs on bioethanol; with absorbent ceramic fibers. The customer can select a wide variety of surfaces, such as brushed stainless steel or textile. And for a very personal flair – the textile cover can even be embroidered with a logo, if desired. 

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