Ethanol fireplaces from Feuerkultur

Ethanol fireplaces

Fireline - FLA 3 – the intelligent fire

The new "fireline automatic FLA3" is the most innovative bioethanol fireplace from PLANIKA. Thanks to its BEV® technology, this fireplace can be customized for a variety of uses, without smoke, smells or ashes.

Thanks to an integrated Wi-Fi module, this fireplace can be remote-controlled by means of a tablet or smartphone. It can also be integrated into a smart home system, which gives you several options for managing various home appliances.

You will receive customized products for unique projects adapted perfectly to your every wish. We will help you to make even the most out-of-the-ordinary and creative ideas a reality! 

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Bioethanol fireplaces create a pleasant atmosphere

You don't need a chimney for a bioethanol fireplace and it creates a very special atmosphere in your home. The fireplace features an electronic system to regulate the height of the flames as well as how long your fireplace runs. Highly customizable, several modules can be added to create a virtually endless line of flames, while countless design options are open to you thanks to a selection of colors.

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