A fireplace without smoke - Cool Fire

Cool fire

Fiery inspiration from feuerkultur

"Fire" out of electricity and water 
Warm spotlights and a special ultrasonic nebulizer create an authentic, three-dimensional flame image that is hard to differentiate from a real fire. A full tank of water suffices for 8 to 10 hours. A remote control guarantees highest possible comfort. The ultra-fine water vapor contributes to the positive room climate.

Simple, clean and safe
Stick in the plug and away you go! Cool Fire from feuerkultur is clean and
eco-friendly, easy to operate and safe. Ideal for use at hotels and restaurants, as well as apartments without a fireplace.

We will plan a customized Cool Fire just for you!


Electric Fires

Custom-manufactured for you
Whatever you prefer. Select from countless design options featuring natural stone, metal surfaces or ceramic. With imitation firewood, pebbles or pure flame. Whether big or small – never before has an electric fire burned so realistically. Feuerkultur Cool Fire with authentic 3-D flame effect.

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