Color options for the Loden Stove

Schladming Loden


  • made of wool from local mountain sheep
  • sumptuous
  • unique
  • durable

Thanks to the special, luxuriant covering of our Original Loden Stove, the loden fabric is able to achieve its full effect.

Feel its uniqueness for yourself!


The Colors

Loden - the iconic fabric of the Alpine countries – has traditionally been used by the locals for centuries to make their clothing. The material provides outstanding protection against the unpredictable weather of the mountain world, a mixture of rain, wind and cold. It is a product manufactured from pure virgin wool, traditionally supplied by the region's sheep. As your fingers run across the beautiful fabric, you will immediately feel its unique touch, a touch that has a soothing appeal to all of the senses.

Unique design, combined with a variety of colors, provides the design freedom you are looking for.

Each loden stove from Feuerkultur is absolutely unique. Just like the space it will adorn. The loden fabric is available in nine different colors – though the incomparable quality always remains constant!

Yet another detail to make your loden stove absolutely unique.

  • Your logo or signature can also be embroidered onto the fabric, giving the stove a very personal touch. The color will be perfectly matched to that of the loden you have picked. Allow yourself to be inspired ...
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