Re-Opening Showroom Vienna

At Börsegasse 13 in central Vienna, the freshly remodeled showroom of Feuerkultur recently opened its doors.
Elegant and decorative, exclusive fireplaces with extraordinary surfaces radiate their magic in a showroom area spanning 200 m².
The showroom presents a selection of designer fireplaces for in- and outdoor use. From wood- and gas-fired to decorative features and fires for the garden, high-quality fireplaces are presented in a very special ambience.

The first-class product selection is raised to perfection thanks to close cooperation between Feuerkultur and company Planika. Since May 2016, general distribution rights for "Planika Österreich" have been held by Feuerkultur GmbH. The entire product line of Planika, together with the absolute highlight, the "Fire Line Automatic", is presented in a specially designed and utterly compelling Dark Room.   

Luxurious ambience combined with limitless design options make visions come true – for a LIFE IN EMOTION with feuerkultur®

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