Feuerkultur WIESER now also in Bad Ischl

“Feuerkultur GmbH”, a company headquartered in Gröbming /Styria, is now opening a new location in Bad Ischl in the Salzkammergut region, continuing the successful tradition of a business that had been run by Heinz Rothschädl.

With locations in Gröbming, St. Johann/Pongau and Vienna, this successful Austrian family business already has a broad footprint and close customer presence. As of October, because Heinz Rothschädl will be retiring, innovative entrepreneur Herbert Wieser and his team now have an opportunity to serve the Salzkammergut market as well, opening a new location in Bad Ischl. The former business premises of Heinz Rothschädl will be repurposed, allowing Feuerkultur to present its products and services right in the center of town. “Due to our previous experiences, we feel it is very important to have a presence in the town center where there is also a lot of foot traffic.”

In addition to our core segment, stove-building and installation, we now also offer a wide variety of designer fireplace solutions for living and garden areas, which our customers can buy from us direct. Thanks to our unique SHOP-IN at Gallerie-Villa Dietrichstein, customers discover a stylish synergy of lifestyle & fire", explains owner and general manager Herbert Wieser, with specific reference to his market presence in the Salzkammergut. Furthermore, the "Feuerkultur" company already has numerous customers in the Upper Austria – Salzburg Lake District area, now underscoring the value of this region with its brand-new location in Bad Ischl.

Feuerkultur SHOP-IN
Feuerkultur SHOP-IN at Gallerie-Villa Dietrichstein in Bad Ischl
Feuerkultur SHOP-IN
Feuerkultur SHOP-IN
Feuerkultur SHOP-IN solutions at Galleria Home Interiors Bad Ischl
Ing. Herbert Wieser and Heinz Rothschädl
Wieser Wohnkeramik
Wieser Komplettbad
Fliesen Outlet

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