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  • TOP CUSTOMER SERVICE from Feuerkultur®

    TOP CUSTOMER SERVICE from Feuerkultur®

    As an innovative trade business, we also offer professional customer service.
    In order to ensure many years of satisfaction with our fireplaces, stove-fitter & technician Bernhard Koller and his team are dedicated to taking care of our customers’ every need. In addition to classic service support for tile stoves, our extensive array of services also includes any necessary repairs for electronics. This exclusive customer service underscores the professionalism of feuerkultur® - YOUR reliable partner.

  • WIESER Workshop for Apprentices

    WIESER Workshop for Apprentices

    True to our company focus, “Strengthen teamwork, improve qualifications, organize the workplace”, our 9 apprentice pavers, floor tilers, stove builders and installers are constantly undergoing training to expand their knowledge and skills base.

    Professional oversight of this particular training day was provided by our master tile layers and stove fitters, Andreas Stiegler and Christoph Planitzer. Together with their expert assistants, they came up with practice projects to challenge the apprentices, challenges which the apprentices mastered excellently. Through valuable initiatives such as these, we constantly strive to offer our customers the very best quality. Needless to say, we are very proud of our great apprentices!

  • Loyal employees honored at this year's Christmas party

    Loyal employees honored at this year's Christmas party

    At this year’s Christmas party on Saturday, December 15, 2018, honors were handed out to Jela Paurevic and Bernhard Koller for 10 years, Christian Gerharter for 20 years and Michael Pötsch for 25 years of steadfast service to the company.
    General manager and owner Herbert Wieser, together with his wife Anita, expressed their thanks to the honorees as well as the entire team for their loyalty to the business.
    Through their personal dedication, they make a significant contribution to the company’s overall success.
    We wish all of our employees a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

  • Feuerkultur® presents itself at Masterpiece Collection in Vienna

    Feuerkultur® presents itself at Masterpiece Collection in Vienna

    Masterful moments and craftsmanship raised to perfection were once again the theme of this year’s Masterpiece Collection 2018. In total, 45 carefully selected businesses were represented at Grand Hotel Vienna, including Feuerkultur. True to the motto of the exhibition, the fire columns we had set up radiated the uniqueness and artistry of our craft. FEUERKULTUR for a LIFE IN EMOTION.

  • Race feeling during WIESER Apprentice Day

    Race feeling during WIESER Apprentice Day

    At this year’s Apprentice Day held by company “WIESER Wohnkeramik und Feuerkultur” in Gröbming, it was time to head to Schladming and hit the racetrack. General manager and owner Herbert Wieser invited all his apprentices along with the trainers to enjoy some fierce competition on the go-cart racetrack at WM Park Planai. Qualifying heats determined the starting grid, setting the stage for two turbulent races.

    Needless to say, team spirit and fun were what the event was all about. After the awards ceremony, all of the apprentices were able to spend a few enjoyable hours socializing with the boss and their trainers. Herbert Wieser is proud of this next generation of employees as well as his entire young and dynamic team, not to mention the teamwork he sees and feels every day throughout the company.

  • Feuerkultur® new in Obermarkt St. Johann/Pg.

    Feuerkultur® new in Obermarkt St. Johann/Pg.

    Wieser Feuerkultur® will be changing its business location in St.Johann im Pongau, now opening a new, stylish shop on the main road in the Obermarkt part of town.

    Over the past 12 years, the company Wieser Wohnkeramik & Feuerkultur, headquartered in Gröbming /Styria, has undergone major development at its location in Pongau. With numerous customers taking advantage of their stove, tile & complete bathroom solutions, they have constantly and successfully expanded their market presence.

  • Feuerkultur WIESER now also in Bad Ischl

    Feuerkultur WIESER now also in Bad Ischl

    “Feuerkultur GmbH”, a company headquartered in Gröbming /Styria, is now opening a new location in Bad Ischl in the Salzkammergut region, continuing the successful tradition of a business that had been run by Heinz Rothschädl.

    With locations in Gröbming, St. Johann/Pongau and Vienna, this successful Austrian family business already has a broad footprint and close customer presence. As of October, because Heinz Rothschädl will be retiring, innovative entrepreneur Herbert Wieser and his team now have an opportunity to serve the Salzkammergut market as well, opening a new location in Bad Ischl. The former business premises of Heinz Rothschädl will be repurposed, allowing Feuerkultur to present its products and services right in the center of town. “Due to our previous experiences, we feel it is very important to have a presence in the town center where there is also a lot of foot traffic.”



    We are really excited to present our new online shop to you.
    Browse and shop CONVENIENTLY and SECURELY. You can also search for products, making it easier than ever to find what you're looking for.

  • Re-Opening Showroom Vienna

    Re-Opening Showroom Vienna

    At Börsegasse 13 in central Vienna, the freshly remodeled showroom of Feuerkultur recently opened its doors.
    Elegant and decorative, exclusive fireplaces with extraordinary surfaces radiate their magic in a showroom area spanning 200 m².
    The showroom presents a selection of designer fireplaces for in- and outdoor use. From wood- and gas-fired to decorative features and fires for the garden, high-quality fireplaces are presented in a very special ambience.

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